MAGIC Camp has been a hands on life changing experience that I will never forget.



This camp has taught me so much about the opportunities that I have as a young woman in the construction field. But it has also taught me a lot about myself and my self-confidence. The MAGIC in MAGIC Camp is definitely just a title.  Sarah


I thought MAGIC Camp was an amazing experience. I had the chance to expand the career opportunities for me, learn new skills and meet amazing people. 



MAGIC Camp taught me many things. I learned that even though I'm a girl, I can work just as hard as any guy. I can work as a welder, on a construction site, or even as an electrician.



MAGIC Camp was a heartfelt experience for me. I never thought just from doing the tasks of an electrician, a carpenter, and a welder that I would think about having a career in construction. It was so much fun that I'm coming back!



This week has been so much fun & it has exposed me to many different careers within the construction industry. I didn't think I would like doing construction but I was proven wrong. I also liked the fact that I got to meet new people. I will definitely be coming back next year!   Mya 


MAGIC Camp was an eye-opening experience to those of us who wanted to explore careers that women aren't the majority in. It's nice to experience new things and make new friends. I loved my experience. 



I really liked the camp and it helped me to realize I want to pursue a career in this area. 

"Good things come to those who wait, better things come to those who go out and get them".



This camp pretty much helped me find something I love to do, "welding", and I pretty much want it to be a part of my career. Thank you so much Mother Renee for everything you've done for us. 



MAGIC is a great opportunity for young girls to experience and learn about new trades, as well as make new friends. If it wasn't fro you, Ms. Renee, no one would have this opportunity. Personally, I enjoyed the welding aspect of the camp the most and I look forward to returning to the camp next year. Khamilah


It was a great experience, it helped me to learn more about what I want to do in architecture. 



I love MAGIC Camp! I most definitely will return and I made so many friends that I probably never would've made outside of MAGIC Camp. I've built many friendships and I found a new interest in welding and electrical. I most definitely will return.



I loved this camp!As someone who grew up around construction and was not encouraged or supported to go into a carpentry field, this camp really opened up my eyes at what women can really do. We have just as much opportunity as men to make it in a trade field and Ms. Renee really opens those doors for us! 



MAGIC Camp 2017 was very fun and informative and I got a lot out of it this year, from the speakers and the presentations. I'm thinking about changing my career to work in the construction industry!



MAGIC Camp is an opportunity that every girl needs to have. Whether it is a career choice or just to learn basic skills in different trades, MAGIC makes a difference. Do you Believe in MAGIC ?