What's the Hottest Thing going this Summer?

It's MAGIC !!!!


"Mentoring a Girl in Construction, (MAGIC), Inc. is a free, one-week, day camp designed to introduce high school girls to exciting careers in construction. MAGIC offers these young ladies the opportunity to learn about countless avenues of employment available to women in the construction industry and to engage these young women via hands on training in basic construction skills.

Working Together


MAGIC provides a supportive and nurturing environment for high school girls to explore and develop basic skills in the area of carpentry, electrical, welding and other various trade skills.

Why Choose Us?


MAGIC develops greater self-confidence and better self-esteem for girls who tackle challenging projects and successfully complete them.

Contact Us

Send us a message or call us for a registration form for your local camp.. All inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours. 

Mentoring a Girl in Construction (MAGIC), Inc.

(770) 601-1963